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Some news for Cheryl and the rest of the family (:


Here you can see the three little soft toy dogs Arthur bought for the two of us <3

The table in our living room with some magazin on it (and my cellphone of course)

A Part of our anteroom.

Our doggy dog in my room

My parents' room.

My parents' room again. (and yeah - it's me on that huge drawing)

My parents' room part III

Our living room

And again..

...and again...

..and again lol

this is when you look out of our window (living room) - but that was yesterday - today there has been more sun!

the other direction

Our kitchen.

Another part of my mum's cow addiction (better known as the kitchen^^)

the anteroom

and once more. (All those dolls are the dolls of my grandma. I used to collect them with her cause we both loved them very much. After her death we kept them next to us. I still love them - espescially the facial expressions of them)

Our bathroom

Our..funky toilet. It's really cosy, haha. Kinda warm colours around you - and a passage of a muse song in the corner (the black lines) saying "birds flying high - sun in the sky". I used to do that when I felt like I needed something to change. My brother did the painting you can see. (at least you can see a bit of it^^)

Once more (;

My brother's room after I cleaned it.

One of his birds. (wah...they're screaming all day long. Starting in the morning lol...sometimes I wanna kick them. Although I like them, becausethey often try to eat my lip ring lol)

the grey one. You might not see's just a bad quality. This one is really shy so it's hard to get a picture of it.

My brother's guitar and bass guitar.

My brother's room and his uniform for the youth paramedics.

My window.

My room I

My room II

My room III

One of my addcitions <3

Some movies.

I got the one in the middle (more right side) for my final exams.

pink stuff, incense sticks and candles <3

Another addiction

Some photos and stuff.

Part of my room. (I used to fall asleep in this one)

My desk and computer and looots of stuff I need to take notes.

My bed.

My room again. (I got that balloon - in the left - for my final exams too)

red fringe. Part I of new hair

And again.

And here are the two pigtails I got from the african hairdresser. It's orange and violet.

And yeah - I wear glasses for computer and reading stuff. I look smart lol

My gifts froom England and some stuff I bought (espescially my new baby that Nikon Cam in front. it's a digital SLR. And it has been soo expensive! bah!)

I got that huuuuge suitcase for my journey to England (:

27.6.07 22:13

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